Daina Middleton combines rare expertise to bring an engaging, compelling energy to the speaking stage. As the CEO of Ansira, she has a keen understanding of marketing and executive leadership and leaves audiences feeling inspired and motivated. Having succeeded at the highest levels in some of today’s most male-dominated fields, she knows what can be achieved when women are fully empowered to participate in leadership. She is available for keynotes, customized workshops, and panel discussions on topics such as women’s leadership in the workplace, participatory marketing, and the future of digital marketing.

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Daina Middleton is a compelling and passionate speaker who relates to audiences through her personal experiences, having succeeded at the highest levels in some of today’s most male-dominated fields. From keynotes to customized workshops, she inspires and challenges women and men to view leadership through the Grace meets Grit lens and have a lasting effect on individuals and organizations.

The Power of Participation keynote guides audiences through the past era of communication and persuasion to the new one of participation. Daina provides a practical guide to marketing, based on the principles of Intrinsic Motivation or Self Determination Theory as uniquely applied to marketing. Traditional marketing metaphors have all been war-based. War metaphors are obviously ineffective for companies who want to build long-standing customer relationships. Daina proposes a more appropriate gardening metaphor and guides companies about the five rules for “Nurturist” brands, articulating how companies should operate under new principles in the participation economy.

The world is quickly changing with the Internet of Things or Connected World, the network of physical objects embedded in electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. In less than four years, it’s estimated that over 200 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. These devices will now be participating on people’s behalf. What does this mean for marketers?

There is a new breed of nimble, data savvy marketers who understand they need to reinvent themselves and stand out in the marketplace as a result. Marketing Revolutionaries in the Participation Age are digital innovators who go beyond increasing a digital investment, but are actually utilizing data and insights based on participant actions. They understand that marketing is not just about persuasion: its about inviting, engaging, and motivating participation. Daina will discuss the barriers preventing organizations from making decisions and taking actions based on data and insight and how three simple questions can guide organizations to beginning a performance measurement discussion.

Daina charmed the Festival of Media. She has the ability to present complex issues in a highly compelling way. But unlike a lot of speakers, Daina has worked at the highest levels of business and knows what it takes not only to build a company, but also to navigate the realities of the corporate world.

Charlie Crowe
Chairman, Editor in Chief and Founder, C Squared

We were so grateful to have Daina Middleton speak at Wisdom 2.0 Connect. Her material is fresh and full of original insights, her style both compassionate and pragmatic. Our audience walked away fully embracing the power of an organization that embodies a true partnership of grace and grit.

Susan Cole
Organizer, Wisdom 2.0 Connect Boise

We had the pleasure of having Daina at our CMO’s Leading Innovation Conference (CLIC ’15). She has completed some truly seminal work. Daina delivered value WAY beyond our expectations.

Lisa Nirell
Chief Energy Officer, EnergizeGrowth LLC

Thank you @DainaMiddleton for your powerful words leadership and gender!

Signet Interactive