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Research indicates that while women are being mentored, they are lacking the sponsorship required to get them promoted to senior positions. Leadership development is an excellent way to gain executive sponsorship. While Daina works with both women and men leaders, she provides a unique program specifically designed for women seeking to take their leadership to the next level.

Founded by an amazing woman named Dell Larcen, LCG has worked with hundreds of key executives in boards, executive committees and senior leadership teams over the past 20 years. Today, Daina works with executives from large and small companies that seek to take their business to the next level and understand the importance of leadership development in that success.

Remarkable, courageous leaders are inspiring, decisive, driven, confident, powerful, and resilient.

Our leadership guides are business leaders with real executive experience. Our guiding process improves your self-awareness around your inner Grace and Grit leadership skills.

Our Executive Development program has three components:

Discovery and Self-Awareness:

  • Understanding your leadership style, your preferences, attitudes, strengths, areas for development, aspirations, and goals
  • A series of assessments, questionnaires, and interviews are utilized to develop a overview of your leadership style
  • The thorough feedback report helps you deepen your self-awareness and understand the innate drivers behind your behaviors.

Development and Action Plan:

  • Based on the business context and your goals, we help you get clear on your vision and desired outcomes for the leadership guiding engagement
  • We work with you to create a development and action plan designed to build on your innate strengths and behavior adjustments required based on the feedback
  • Sponsorship from your supervisor is a key step at this stage

Monthly Guiding Sessions

  • In-person, phone, or Skype sessions once per month
  • Structure, accountability, and advocacy are provided at this stage
  • Tried and true learning materials support the developing of new behaviors


Daina also offers condensed coaching at a select number of leadership events and workshops at select locations throughout the year.

To inquire about working with Daina on executive development, email Brooke Miekle at: BMiekle@larcen.com