The Participation Age is fragmented, personal, connected, real-time, and always-on. Consumers have transformed into Participants who actively manage life by utilizing the many technology tools at their fingertips and expect to have ongoing relationships with brands. Traditionally, marketers utilized the science of persuasion. Today’s marketers must utilize the science of participation.

Marketing in the Participation Age is a new marketing philosophy based on what inspires people to engage. Living by the principles of the Participation Way will help marketers to edge out their competitors by activating a set of motivational elements that work together to inspire people to join, share, take part, connect, and engage.

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Marketing is constantly evolving. Companies can’t compete by using the same old, tired tools. This book provides fresh inspiration, with a new framework for doing things differently.

Sally Hogshead
Author of Fascinate, Speaker Hall of Fame

Participant Marketing transformed the way we did business in the marketplace as an agency and provided a framework for doing business with clients that added unique value to their marketing efforts.

Kris Pinto
Investor & Founder of Moxie Interactive